I Went Freelance!

It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for the best part of 5 years in my career and in June 2018, I finally got the courage to do it. I handed in my notice at my permanent job; content marketing company Seven C3. I had been there for almost a year and the time felt right. 

I have met some really inspirational people on my creative path, but being my own boss and working within the Illustrative field has always been my calling. 

Being recently represented by London’s Illustration Agency: Bright – is one of my freelancing portals, and I intend on resurrecting my Etsy account full of my crafty bits and pieces. 

Saychelles The Shard

On leaving Seven, I got given an amazing opportunity to work as an in-house illustrator (these jobs are like gold dust!) for a multinational enterprise software company based in The Shard, London. Yep … I get to work in the Shard for this contract, not only that I am drawing everyday. My hobby is finally my day-to-day job and I couldn’t be happier going to work!

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