Top Things To Do in Dubrovnik, Croatia


My partner and our couple friends went to Dubrovnik, Croatia in May 2017 for just under a week for a relaxing break. With only a two and a half hour flight from London, we stayed at an AirBnb in the Old Town; at Dračasta ulica 8, which was a short walk (15 minutes) to the town centre.

My boyfriend and I are fans of The Games of Thrones, so we were really looking forward to seeing some of the filming sites. Not only that, Dubrovnik is full of history. A World Heritage Site, the old town is perfectly preserved, and full of wonderful Renaissance, Gothic, and Baroque palaces, churches, and monasteries.

TIP: Currency is the Croatian Kuna. £1 – 8.83 KN / £10 – 88.26 KN / £50 – 441.28 KN

Lokrum Islands


About 15 minutes ride by Ferry from the port in Dubrovnik, it’s a little island where bunny rabbits and peacocks roam free. One of the most popular spots is the small, shallow salt lake located near the centre of the island. We sunbathed here for a little while, whilst listening to the peacocks calling one another. The lake was crystal clear yet cold initially with warm spots here and there, definitely a fun experience.


We walked around the island for a couple of hours, taking in the fresh sea air and ate at one of the few little restaurants there.

TIP: I suggest half the day to really appreciate and see the full island.

Places to Eat and Drink

Taj Mahal

A delicious Bosnian restaurant in the Old Town; we were recommended to book, but we ended up just turning up (perhaps it was due to the time of the year). Lots of grilled meats and sausages were on offer, but options for Vegetarians to!



Dubrovnik’s first real wine bar, offering more than 100 domestic varieties from the Dalmatian, Istrian and Slavonian labels. I’m a massive lover of red wine and after explaining what reds I normally go for, the helpful staff suggested to taste the Croatian: Matusko Dingac.

Buza Bar

Also known as the: Hole-in-the-wall, the bar is located just outside the wall by the sea. You can jump into the water from the bar, but we went at night, so probably would of been a bad idea. However, the evening was lovely, nice and calm with the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks and we could hear the bats high-pitched squeaks.

Marco Polo


My friend; Kris and I decided to head off on our own one day and explore some hidden gems of the island. We firstly ate at the Marco Polo bar and restaurant which was buried away down a little alley. I had the Thurie: a grilled aubergine, stuffed with cream cheese and avocado. The food was very artisan and displayed in a Michelin Star fashion (although the portions were a little small for my liking) – it certainly filled a hole!  

TIP: We found the Old Town prices were very similar to London prices. A salad here came to 85 KN roughly £10.50


Kris and I really wanted to have a spa day and found the better deal to be in The Hilton Hotel in the old town. We both got a hot stone massage (which came to just under £50 each) and relaxed near the pool, it was pretty much just us two there so we had the whole place to ourselves. 


Cable car

We climbed up Srd Hill (wear decent footwear, it’s a long way up!) to get to ride down on the cable car. It was a rather warm day with slight winds, so decided this would be the best day to do this. Getting to the top was tiring but incredibly worth it, once we finally reached the top, we stopped by the panoramic bar for a coffee to soak in the views.


The ride down the cable car was less than 5 minutes and although a lot of people mentioned it was overpriced, I didn’t fancy the journey down by foot, so in my eyes, it was worth it. Especially after enjoying the wonderful views over Dubrovnik. 



After researching beaches, we decided on Banje Beach (supposedly Dubrovnik’s most stunning beach) located right in front of Dubrovnik Old Town. We turned before mid-day and rented our four sunbeds all day and alternated between having a dip / read / cocktail (their strawberry daiquiri’s were amazing!) / sleep (my kind of holiday!).

City Walls


One of the filming sites of The Games of Thrones and one of Dubrovnik’s main attractions, the medieval city walls are almost 2.000 m long! My friend and I walked along this for a couple of hours, it was photographic gold! The terracotta roofs and Adriatic’s blue waters  encircled by huge stone walls, a sight that should not be missed.


We never ventured outside of the old town, so we were stuck in a bit of a tourist trap. I would recommend getting a bus out a little further, which I believe it is a lot cheaper for food and drinks. We only ever done the one island, so it would of been nice to island hop a little more. 


Dubrovnik is probably one of the most stunning places I have been to, the floors were immaculate, people were friendly, hot and sunny weather, loads to do and see. I would certainly recommend Dubrovnik and I would one day, like to go back to Croatia and explore the country further. 


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