Compliment Cat Cup

Compliment Cat Cup

This is such a joyful exercise, as it gives the children a chance to be creative in their writing and their craft.

We start by the painting of the cat cup; using poster paint on to small paper cups. Any colour the child wishes (taking inspiration from my book) and leave to dry.

Normally a Teaching Assistant(s) help out by cutting out cat shape ears from card, to later stick on to the back of the cat cup; using PVA glue.

Whilst the paint dries, each child writes on paper a single compliment of up to 5 other kids in the class, so for example:

  • I like Chloe because she is a good friend
  • I like Adam because he makes me laugh
  • I like Danielle because she is kind to me

They cut the compliments up into strips and once everyone has their cat cup dry with the ears suck on, the children go around the class slotting in their compliments to their chosen  classmates. The teacher and I make sure each cup is full with slips of paper by the end of the session.

cat cups

I request they get in the stock a week before I arrive – so there is no mishaps! I hope this is useful and if anything a good idea to use if you teach a Primary School class. If you would like a copy of the hand out I give to the teachers please get in touch.


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